About STIHL Southwest

Located in Malvern, Arkansas, STIHL Southwest is the exclusive wholesale distributor for STIHL power tools and accessories for Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and east Texas.
Since 1966, we've sold STIHL products to servicing STIHL retailers throughout our territory. STIHL is the only product line that we carry.
We believe that our products and our customers deserve the knowledgeable sales people and quality after-sale service that can only be provided by our STIHL retailers. As a result, STIHL Southwest does not sell directly to end users, and you will not find STIHL products at big box stores, discount stores or catalog stores. You can reserve STIHL products on-line at your local STIHL retailer’s site www.stihldealer.net/locator/ and then pick the product up at your local store. This way, your STIHL retailer can ensure that your product is properly serviced and that you have all of the information you need to help you use your new STIHL product safely and effectively.
From its U.S. headquarters in Virginia Beach, STIHL supplies us with the full line of STIHL outdoor power equipment including chainsaws, grass trimmers, handheld and backpack blowers, sprayers, extended reach pole saws, edgers, concrete saws, hedge trimmers, extended reach hedge trimmers, vacuums and also professional quality hand tools such as loppers, pruners and pruning saws. We also provide STIHL parts and accessories to STIHL retailers throughout our territory.
STIHL's technologically advanced products include high durability tools for loggers, landscape contractors, tree surgeons, grounds maintenance crews, farmers, municipalities and other professional users. STIHL also designs and produces high quality products designed for consumers that offer STIHL's legendary German engineering at prices that are extremely competitive.

For More Information

Product information can be found at your local STIHL dealer’s site at www.stihldealer.net/locator . For more information including on-line product selectors to help you find the right product for your needs, information on STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS®, Spanish language product catalogs and much, much more, please see the main STIHL web site at STIHLusa.com.